Lockdown 2020

12th October 2020 marks 2years in business in Luxe The Experience, last year we danced the night away in our local nightclub. This year is very different. Today, 19th ocotber 2020 we have just been told that level 5 is coming in, only 4days ago I had to close my business for ” Two Weeks”. Today we lockdown for 6 weeks, that means we open on 1st of december.

I find its hard hit with the money I have put into keeping safe environment for my staff & clients. I am a big GAA fan/player but it does come down to the celebrations in our county and why we had to go to level 4, YET they are letting GAA go ahead??? Why??

So here we go lockdown NO.2 🙁

stay safe!!

Edel xox

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